I need ideas to entertain 2 year olds!!!?

Answer A few of my favorite sites to get ideas .... Free lessons and activities for Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers, andSchool-Age children.…5000+ free printable pages a... Read More »

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Need ideas for teaching 4 year olds about countries?

Reading activity: there are plenty of pre school books about countries: My Very First Little Book of Other CountriesArt activity: get them paints or crayons and assigned each group with one contine... Read More »

Fun Birthday Ideas for 13 Year Olds?

The teenage years are a time of great excitement, and the thirteenth birthday ranks as a lifetime milestone. More emotional and physical changes occur for children as they take this giant step towa... Read More »

Ideas for a 14 year olds room?

I'm fourteen, & I've been dying to repaint my room. It doesn't have a theme [I think we're a bit too old for that, honestly], but I would like one wall to be yellow, two to be a light [but not pale... Read More »

Fall Job Ideas for 12 Year Olds?

Twelve might be a little young for any retail or food industry jobs, but that doesn't mean the ambitious young man or woman can't put their talents and creativity to work for some extra money. Whil... Read More »