I need ideas for teaching colors to preschoolers?

Answer First show them colour crayons and teach them to recognize colours, then play the game Touch, for fun. You say, BLUE and they have to run around and touch something blue, you say another colour.... Read More »

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Teaching Colors to Preschoolers?

During their preschool years, children learn and develop the skills needed to succeed in kindergarten. This includes learning the alphabet, numbers and colors. Many children become confused about c... Read More »

Art Activities for Teaching Preschoolers Colors in French?

Teaching colors to preschoolers in French is a fun activity. Preschoolers love colors and enjoy art related activities. It is important to keep every project organized and manageable. To begin, it'... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching Camping to Preschoolers?

Teaching camping to preschoolers can be done through a variety of fun activities. Start by talking about camping, asking the children if they know what it is or have ever done it. Talk about the di... Read More »

Auditory Teaching Ideas for Preschoolers?

Howard Gardner pioneered the multiple intelligences theory that is widely used in teacher education today. This theory states that people have different learning styles, with some people possessing... Read More »