I need help...ladies only please?

Answer Periods are not regular until you reach age 18 or so. If the cramps are bad, go see a gynocologist. It may be uncomfortable, but if something is wrong you need to know as soon as possible. Good luck.

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Eyebrow helpLadies please help!!?

If you want to stay away from bleaching/dying your eyebrows, you can use an eyebrow pencil, or just regular eyeshadow. Generally with black eyebrows, to fill them in, it's recommended to use colour... Read More »

I need help. Girls only please?

Trust me, as much as the girls brag about having their period or make you seem left out... be happy. Having your period sucks! Do you have a health class at your school? If your health teacher is n... Read More »

Girls only please!! i need suggestions!!?

The thing about bras is it feels different for every girl. What some may like, you may find extremely irritating. Grab a variety of bras and try them all on. Eliminate what's scratchy, pokey, and u... Read More »

Girls only question please i need help!?

buy oxy clean and clean it up. They shouldnt get mad... its not like you did it on purpose! but then again, I dont know your parents.