I need help writing an If, then, else equation in Excel?

Answer First of all, it would have helped knowing which version and update level of MS-Excel you are using. (I will assume it to be 2003 or earlier.)Now, there are different ways to handle each of the tw... Read More »

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How to Use an Excel Equation?

Microsoft Excel comes complete with a large number of built-in equations, and custom equations can also be created to solve a variety of math problems. From basic mathematical calculations to compl... Read More »

How do you keep a constant in an equation in excel?

You did not state which version of MS-Excel you are using, so I will assume it to be 2003 or earlier (though the same basic information is valid for 2007).If you always want a formula to reference ... Read More »

How to Find the Regression Equation in Excel 2007?

Often when performing experiments, the experimental data will follow an approximately linear relationship. The regression equation finds the equation of a line that best fits the data, so that futu... Read More »

How to Create a Writing Schedule in Excel?

Along with its number-crunching abilities, Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool for keeping lists. If you're a freelance writer, Excel can help you organize your writing assignments into a schedule... Read More »