I need help with the brightness of my camera at night?

Answer You should change the ISO to the highest like 1600, 3200.Auto ISO sometimes limits the camera to ISO 64, 100, 200, and not to the maximum sensitive 1600,3200.You can also change the Exposure compen... Read More »

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How to Make a Camera Look Like Night Vision?

Maybe you're making a movie about how to Be a Spy and want to make it intense or you just want to make a fun project with your camera,plus you can take green picture.NOTE:this is not real night vis... Read More »

What camera should be good for recording at night?

You want a surveillance camera with infrared and a surveillance/security DVR located in a different place.While it is possible to use a hard drive based camcorder that can record multiple hours, yo... Read More »

CCTV night vision camera?

A Camera that will work in low light conditions has infrared LED's built in and is also weather resistant. They cost $100-200. You could also try adding an infared illuminator if you have a camer... Read More »

How do you take a night shot with digital camera?

The method is pretty much the same for digital or SLR film cameras. If the shutter speed is less than the minimum guideline for hand-held imaging (1/ focal length of lens) a tripod will be necessa... Read More »