I need help with the brightness of my camera at night?

Answer You should change the ISO to the highest like 1600, 3200.Auto ISO sometimes limits the camera to ISO 64, 100, 200, and not to the maximum sensitive 1600,3200.You can also change the Exposure compen... Read More »

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I need a bit of help with my camera?

You say the lens is all blurry, except in the middle. Is it blurry because you took it from the airconditioning to the great, hot outdoors? This has been known to cause condensation. If it looks li... Read More »

I need help with my camera?

Try a total video converter.I recomment AVC converter.You can find a professional one here:…It can:1: convert any video to popular video such as avi, wmv, ... Read More »

Need help with camera settings?

Your exposure was way off on this picture. A scene 10 minutes after sunset using ISO 200 at f8 would require a 1/30 sec. shutter speed.*This site will fully explain the exposure triangle which is c... Read More »

Need Help with the Settings of my Olympus E-410 Camera!?

Here is an indepth review of the camera. But I also suggest you spend some serious time with the manual. It is not there just for packing. There are still things in this life that require time and ... Read More »