I need help with the Internet!?

Answer I think it's your screen. Open all of your window screens too.

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Need Help with Internet Connectivity?

you can upgrade your modem to 56kb/s to get double speed. If you want low costing internet, you can avail GPRS on your mobile phone . If you still want high speed internet, you should checked for a... Read More »

I need help with my internet speed?

Because you are reading it incorrectly.Your ISP,, and other bandwidth software all display internet bandwidth in bits not bytes.Your bandwidth is 2.8 Mbps (MegaBITS per second) downlo... Read More »

I need help with my blu ray dvd and the internet thing?

Sounds like it does not have built-in wifi. You might need to purchase a dongle for it. An alternative would be a wired connection. If the player is too far from the router you can use powerline ad... Read More »

I need help with a ipad 4,internet setup...?

this is a setup for Verizon Tis is the setup for AT&T is a setup for Sprint hope this ... Read More »