I need help with summer school at a community college! Need a loan!?

Answer Questions like this are spam bait. Just look at some of the "answers". Please report those who are trying to drum up business here. Now to the matter at hand. You should be able to go to the financ... Read More »

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What is considered full time during summer school at Hinds Community College, Mississippi?

Hinds Community College is the largest community college in the state of Mississippi, with more than 12,000 students currently enrolled. According to the Student Handbook for 2009-10, full-time sum... Read More »

Summer Community Service Programs for High School Students?

Teenagers learn to solve problems, build healthy relationships and strengthen communities through community service programs, according to the website Besides these internal be... Read More »

High School Requirements for a Community College?

Many high school graduates and even some current high school students take courses at community colleges. These community college classes can sometimes be transferred to universities offering four ... Read More »

How to Transfer From a Community College to an Elite Four-Year School?

Some public universities and colleges admit most in-state applicants who transfer from a community college as long as they've completed the prerequisites for their major program and maintained a sp... Read More »