I need help with reversing clips in sony vegas 7?

Answer You're trying to render it backwards, start to finish.Black is indicative of a failure to render video. Can be caused my many factors including a flaw in the software, too much info on the hard dr... Read More »

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Is sony vegas video editing software free or with any discount when you buy a sony camcorder?

I don't think so, though it's got to be worth haggling if you're buying them from the same shop. Sony's a big company - there isn't much of a connection between the different groups.B&H have Vegas... Read More »

What is the difference on sony vegas pro 11 and sony movie studio HD platinium 10.0?

the main difference between Vegas Pro (any version) and Movie Studio (any version) is that Pro allows as many tracks (layers) of audio and video as needed on the time line. Movie Studio is limited... Read More »

Why can't i render a video in Sony Avc Format on Sony vegas pro 10?

Hi Bradley: From my "Teach a Man To Fish..." department, whenever I encounter an error message or new "crash dialog box" I haven't seen before, I type the exact text into a Search Engine (enclosed ... Read More »

How to Play Sony .MOV Clips?

Video clips with the extension .MOV, such as ones produced by the media company Sony, are the default type used by the program Quicktime, from Apple. This program is free to download and use on you... Read More »