I need help with photohop. How do I add other people into the picture?

Answer No offense but it sounds like you're a beginner. The easy way for beginners who doesn't know Photoshop well is to use the lasso tool to draw or outline the part you want to copy. Go to Edit --> Cop... Read More »

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Is it true people with medicaid get less medical help than people with HMO's or other private health insurance?

Sort of true. Fewer and fewer doctors are accepting welfare health insurance (Medicaid), or severely limiting the number of Medicaid patients they take. Because Medicaid pays so little, a doctor h... Read More »

Terminology help in resume (need help specifically from people who've worked with computers/help desk)?

System Administrator & Troubleshooter.I'm sure everybody understands that ;)

I need help with clutter control, especially of 'other peoples/dead relatives stuff that I ended up with.?

National Geographics from the 1960's are worth nothing:…I would ask your local library if they want them to complete their collection -- if not, recycle th... Read More »

Please help!need advise from people with experience with a family member with cancer & relationships?

Cancer is a HORRIBLE disease, not only for the patient but the family too. It weighs heavily on the emotional and character of everyone affected.Sadly it is a long process and very debilitating, cr... Read More »