I need help with natural constipation remedies?

Answer Smooth Move Tea by traditional Medicinals Also cut down on your dairy intake.

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Anyone know any natural remedies for getting rid of constipation?

I think you had better go to A/E today, sure if it was for yourself, you would have been already.2 week´s is to long. Take your child to hospital

Anyone know of any natural remedies to help with memory?

Here is some evidence from UCLA Brain Research Institute."Researchers found significant improvement in verbal recall among a group of people with age-associated memory impairment, who took the herb... Read More »

What are some natural remedies that can help with a cough?

Honey mixed with something warm like hot tea is soothing, but in my experience doesn't make your cough that much better. I'm a singer and sometimes after a lot of practice my throat and voice get ... Read More »

I need help with natural skin care .?

I would advice you to use Essence of argan. It is a natural oil extracted from a tree which only grows in Morocco. I don't know why they can't be grown in country other than Morocco lol