I need help with my itouch :[[?

Answer Well if you are having this much trouble with it i would advise you to go to the apple store so they can help you with your problem so your ipod won't get into a bigger mess then it already is.

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I need help with the itouch ?

yeah just download itunes, import all of your limewire songs onto there and sync it.

I need help with my itouch?

i'm pretty sure that WinterBoard requires a reboot of your device. Have you done that?Alternatively, you can jailbreak with Blackra1n. This gives you the option of using the Rock installer, which i... Read More »

I need help with my new iTouch ?

Yeah. I'm going through this right now and I know how I could fix it but from what I understand it's extremely difficult. You can't move your music over using iTunes. You have to have some sort of ... Read More »

Broken Itouch I need help!!!?

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