I need help with my flip video camera!!!?

Answer Once they're gone, they're gone...

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Need help to chose a video camera to make a video for a contest for best video?

I'd say not. What kind of contest? Do they expect the video to be edited? Do they expect you to know what you're doing with a video camera? Have you ever used a video camera? Have you ever edi... Read More »

I want to take pictures with my flip

Download The FlipShare (For Free)Then Highlight the video, then on the bottom of "FlipShare" It Will say create and in the category it will stay Take SnapShot. Hope It Help!

How to Convert Flip Video With Aiseesoft Flip Converter?

The Flip Converter can convert Flip video created by the Flip family: Flip Ultra, Flip Ultra HD, Flip Mino and Flip Mino HD as Flip Mino HD files conversion tool. With this Flip Video Converter, yo... Read More »

FipShare 60 Minute Video Camera Problem, need Help!?

This is a known issue with digital cameras or camcorders when you use the computer to delete the video or still image...When the camera captures a still image or video, there is an internal "databa... Read More »