I need help with my computer Documents!?

Answer In your account, click Start and right click the My Documents >properties >sharing Tab. Untick make private.

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How to Restore My Documents in My Computer?

You're "My Documents" folder is the folder that has all the documents associated with your user account on it. You can find your "My Documents" folder in your "My Computer" window. If your "My Docu... Read More »

How to Back Up My Documents on My Computer?

Backing up your important documents and folders is important to ensure that you still have them if your computer crashes or they are accidentally deleted. If you back them up on a daily basis, you ... Read More »

How do you scan documents to your computer?

Well you need a scanner. There are different kinds of scanners but the most common kind is a 'flatbed', where you lift the lid and then put the document face-down on the glass, like a photocopier.... Read More »

I have lost my pictures and documents somewhere on my computer?

You can use the windows search feature to search for them. You can search even if you don't remember the file name. In Windows XP, Start --> Search --> All files and foldersIn the "all or part of t... Read More »