I need help with making a video?

Answer Assuming you only have access to the published stereo recording, a classic trick is to subtract one channel from the other. Because the vocals ae typically mixed evenly in both channels, they will ... Read More »

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Making a video need help?

Use a program called any video converter, it converts almost any kind of format! Good luck!

Need help with making cucumber sandwiches?

Traditional English Cucumber Sandwich:2 slices of buttered white breadthin slices of raw (not pickled) cucumberput the sandwich together, cut of crust and cut into four triangles, serve with Earl G... Read More »

I need help with making maple syrup!!?

Cooked too hot, only cook to 7 degrees above boiling water AT YOUR ALTITUDE.You can check plain boiling water with your syrup thermometer, add 7 to that; this also adjusts for any error with the th... Read More »

Making a gaming computer need help with power supply.?

I would definitely get the corsair power supply, the one that comes with that case will put out nowhere near 500 watts, plus it's at a much greater risk of failing. Corsair is one of the best when ... Read More »