I need help with linux?

Answer Even better... this is online: have found this site to be invaluable when trying to learn new things in linux. Have you decided on a Distro yet?

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Pardon me but I need help with Linux. Cam you help, hurry?

you mean like this one, from scratch

I need help with Linux. How do you create new partitions Hurry...?

There is a partition manager when you install it. Re-size your current partition and make the new ones from that space. And the guy that says linux suck is a ********. Linux kicks ***

Do you need an antivirus with Linux?

On One Hand: Better Safe Than SorryIf someone targets you with spyware, malware, Trojans, worms, viruses or other kinds of undesirable programs, and you run them, those programs could cause serious... Read More »

How to Get Help With Linux?

Linux support and documentation can be hard to find. Many people simply keep switching distros. If you seek help for a specific problem in the following order you are less likely to engender ill-wi... Read More »