I need help with choosing between monitors.16:10 vs 16:9?

Answer 16:10 is better for watching movies.

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I need help choosing between two graphic cards?

League of Legends will max out at Intel Integrated graphics. The only question is whether it takes HD 3000 or HD 4000.Ram for gaming in general, maxes out at about 8GB.You were better off going Int... Read More »

Need Help with choosing a 3d tv ?

HiThis is a good set but there are hundreds to choose from at all prices in the UK so make sure you have looked at what is on offer first. They will almost all link with XBOX and a BluRay so your c... Read More »

I need help with choosing the right camcorder?

I have the new hybrid hdd from JVC,the specifications and price are one of the best in the market,you can take pictures and videos with his hard drive of 30 GB,also you can use SD memory stick....s... Read More »

I need some help on choosing a laptop with the specs.?

i personally wouldnt get a laptop, but i guess your in the position that you can only get a laptop, the 999 dollar one is ok for the price and has 1080p which is what you need, you can get an ok la... Read More »