I need help with a butterfly?

Answer just keep on doing what you are doing and when she takes from the nectar and move her wings then put her out\\\\\\

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Where is a butterfly's eye?

A butterfly's eyes are located at the top of its head, on the outside of the antennae. The eyes are composed of several thousand ommatidium, which give the butterfly 360 degrees of sight.References... Read More »

How big is a butterfly egg?

A butterfly egg is approximately the size of a pinhead and may be oval or round in shape. The size and color will vary based upon the species of butterfly.References:Michigan State University/4H Ga... Read More »

About Butterfly Koi?

The butterfly koi, or dragon carp as it is sometimes called, is much like the traditional koi fish with one exception: their long, delicate, and flowing fins look similar to feathers. Traditional k... Read More »

How do you take care of a butterfly?

you should let it go on it own it cant survive when a human takes care of it