I need help with High ad us hernia it is 14 cm. how dangerous is this ?

Answer Dangerous? Not really. Miserable? Possibly.Here's info:…Another great source : YOUR DOCTOR.

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How dangerous is it when u have a hernia?

An abdominal hernia very serious because part of your intestines could slip through, which causes a kink and then your system gets blocked up. On top of that if blood flood is restricted then the i... Read More »

How can a abdominal ventral hernia repair with a mesh end up with a hernia in ur stomack?

Only your doctor can tell if it is the same hernia or not. I would doubt that it is. When the muscle wall is weak that is when you get hernias. It may be that another section of the wall has a... Read More »

What is the difference between a hiatal hernia and an abdominal hernia?

different from abdominal hernias in that it is not visible on the outside of the body. With a hiatal hernia, the stomach bulges upward through the

Are you cautious that wearing high heels is dangerous to ladiesDo you always prefer to use high heels?

Yes,wearing high heels is dangerous to ladies.Followings are reasons and hence not prefer to use high heels for some special party requirement.They can cause foot pain. They increase likelihood of ... Read More »