I need help with Facebook?

Answer Yes, there is a way to report this photo! Simply hover over the picture & a black bar should appear across the bottom with a few actions; 1 of which should say "Options" click on that & then there... Read More »

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I need help with my new facebook page. Please help?

The person you want to have as admin has to like the page first. Then under insights, it should so the likes, and there should be a button that says "Make Admin".

Need help with facebook revenge!?

Uhh need help with the new update on Facebook mobile!?

Tap on your comment and hold it untill the delete and cancel button pops up

I really need help with this facebook issue I'm having!?

it's not a bug - some people just disable their chat, or hide their online-less to some peoplei have about 100 people listed as friends on facebook, but only let about 6 of them see when i'm online