I need help wirh my cell?

Answer Generally these types of spy work is done using the connections like Bluetooth. Majority of time the device hiddenly pairs the other device(From which they have to fetch the data. Check your all th... Read More »

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Need help! How to get text messages off cell and on to the computer?

You should be able to forward the messages to your email one at a time. You will just have to put your email address in the to line.

Need help with my cell Phone, alarm will not stop sounding.?

i got rid of my dash because of that reoccurring problem and got a 2 blackberry's and a nokia 6263 now i don't have that problem. i had sent the dash in 3 times to be repaired and still had the pr... Read More »

Excel Help please!! I need to find a way to link to a file whose path is listed in a spreadsheet cell?

You did not say whether you wanted a formula or trying to do this with VBA code. Nor which version of MS-Excel is being used.If you have both the directory path and file name already in a cell, th... Read More »

I need help i lost with my star view box need info plzzz help this is doin my head in?