I need help upgrading my CPU?

Answer It will be very difficult to find a new CPU for this computer - and I have to agree with the previous poster. You should get a newer one. You can also look for a second hand computer which will be ... Read More »

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Need help upgrading my Graphics Card?… this is the Nvidia GTX 650, it beats most AMD cards, and is very fast. It will certainly play SimsCity 5 on all high settings easily. It also completely ... Read More »

Unlock your i phone 3gs upgrading on firmware 3.1.3 after upgrading?

Upgrading my desktop help please?

Combine this info with the information posted by the person with the extensive list of data. I've browsed through it, and I'll try to make this easy for you.You should compare prices on Newegg's we... Read More »

Help upgrading laptop memory?

kington ram is the best for laptops 10 to 15 bucks is not going to render very good memory. and finally no a tosiba satellite is not going to hold 8gig proper.