I need help to join my school's cross-country team?

Answer Good for you! FIrst you want to take it slow and train by running each day and build up how far/fast you run. you also will want to eat protein in the morning for example eggs, and peanut butter. H... Read More »

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Want to ride a historic train cross country, need info on which company has a historic cross country ride?

If you want to go from the southeast to southwest, that would meen the Sunset Limited, from New Orleans to Los Angeles.This is a very old and historic route. It's been doing the same route, under t... Read More »

My high school cross country team is looking for ideas for fundraising this summer..?

every year, there is a fair in our city. TONS of people come, so there are lots of fundraising opportunities. we sold pancakes, but there were a lot of people selling other could hold a ... Read More »

How to Join the wikiHow Help Team?

Do you have a desire to help new contributors? The Help Team is a reference point for anyone that may have questions about something on wikiHow, whether they be a new user or an experienced communi... Read More »

I Need Cross-Breeding Help?

Wide crosses usually don't work. Try two different species from the same genus.