I need help to join my school's cross-country team?

Answer Good for you! FIrst you want to take it slow and train by running each day and build up how far/fast you run. you also will want to eat protein in the morning for example eggs, and peanut butter. H... Read More »

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My high school cross country team is looking for ideas for fundraising this summer..?

every year, there is a fair in our city. TONS of people come, so there are lots of fundraising opportunities. we sold pancakes, but there were a lot of people selling other could hold a ... Read More »

Want to ride a historic train cross country, need info on which company has a historic cross country ride?

If you want to go from the southeast to southwest, that would meen the Sunset Limited, from New Orleans to Los Angeles.This is a very old and historic route. It's been doing the same route, under t... Read More »

SQL Cross Join Tutorial?

SQL statements are used to add, retrieve and delete records in relational databases. The "cross join" syntax in an SQL statement will return every row resulting from combining a table with one or m... Read More »

How to Cross Country Ski?

Cross-country skiing is a popular winter sport that provides the body with an efficient, wide-ranging workout. Distinguished from downhill skiing by both its technique and its equipment, cross-coun... Read More »