I need help to get rid of those Double Bottom Line Click Ads?

Answer go to history-> extentionsdisable and delete anything you did not add yourself. Also, download malwarebytes and run the free version. I bet you have yantoo or other adware happening. If that doesn'... Read More »

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Do you single click or double click your mouse?

single click and it's the best of the best way to use your mouse

One click or double click on the computer?

Double click on iconsSingle click on links (the cursor changes to hand)Single click on confirmation messages (Ok / Cancel)Single click navigating around menus.

How to Double Click?

If you ever wonder how to double click a mouse then you got your answer right here!!!!

In IE8, When I click on a link, The page jumps to the bottom..Why?

The question that needs to be asked and answered by you is whether this happens on every link, no matter what website you are on, including Google searches.I suggest downloading the latest Mozilla ... Read More »