I need help to get money for school trip?

Answer Could you do chores for any of your neighbourse.g Cut their lawns clear up fallen leaves weeding wash their cars dog walkingMy son did a trek to morocco and with permission fro... Read More »

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Ways to Raise Money for a School Trip?

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money for a school trip. Fundraisers range from complex events, such as school carnivals, to simple ones like selling raffle tickets. They consist of so... Read More »

I'm looking for a part time job on weekends. I am 13 years old! I need some money for a school trip?

Cleaning Jobs Kids 13 years old can help friends and relatives with big cleaning jobs. For example, an adult who has put off cleaning a garage, an attic or even a large closet may respond to... Read More »

Ways to Raise Money for a Trip?

Whether seeking to pay for a trip a few hours away or halfway around the world, fundraising is a ubiquitous part of the American landscape. Ultimately, the choice of different ways to raise money i... Read More »

How much money did the movie"College Road Trip"make?

The film "College Road Trip" made about $45 million domestically, with another $6 million in foreign ticket sales. The film is a comedy, featuring comedian Martin Lawrence and former teen star Rave... Read More »