I need help restoring my computer! Read more info!!!?

Answer what's your computer make?is it vista or 7?here's a link, hope it helps to open.…or…best of luck!

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Need help restoring computer to factory settings.?…

How to talk to girl on facebook chat [read for more info]?

If she added you she obviously knows who you are and remembers you, its not like you're a stranger :)Just simply say "Hey ___! How's college going? Are you as excited for summer break as I am?"or s... Read More »

I need help i lost with my star view box need info plzzz help this is doin my head in?

Pls read i need to know some info about my ailment?

Unfortunately Craig I fear your brother was right. You show all the signs and are indeed the devil reincarnate. You can do one of two things. Take it upon yourself to destroy all humans and end the... Read More »