I need help regarding a dentist?

Answer Definitley you can try another dentist for free (till your 18)Dentists do stress you get all the work done before your 18 - for your own good because they see SO many cases of people regretting not... Read More »

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Need advice from dentist regarding way of swallowing saliva?

Talk to your doctor. There are medical therapies that can help you if it's a physical condition causing it. If it's a stress related response there are other things that can help as well, but let y... Read More »

Need help regarding VPN?

I use this http://www.vpnservice.bizI'd recommend buying a couple of days in advance and setting it up to make sure it works. Trying to trouble shoot things while on the road is always harder.

Need help regarding parking warden?

He may actually have been helping you. many bus stops have cameras that automatically issue a ticket if a car stops at the bus stop. He may have been cancelling an automatic ticket because you only... Read More »

Need help regarding amp/speakers with a turntable?

Do not get computer speakers for your turntable - get a simple stereo receiver and a pair of bookshelf speakers.……