I need help on this question?

Answer It means exactly what it says; Media cannot play the file because the file is broken or corrupt, or more likely that Media Player does not have the correct codecs (software).I suggest you download ... Read More »

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Dmv help! need help on this question?

Usually the car spins if you lose traction.

Tmi Gross question: what is this, need help?

I had that, but I went to hospital and had it operated on before it popped.

Someone please answer this question, need help!?

Now your Iphone, does it have a microphone for recording Audio? Not the one for voice chats. I do not believe they do, thus you will need to use a Digital Audio Recorder (DAR) to capture your Aud... Read More »

Need help making a flow chart or pseudocode for this question.?

(1) Prompt and accept data for the last name. (2) Prompt and accept data fro the number of persons (must be greater than 0). (3) Prompt and accept day of the week. (4) If number number of persons >... Read More »