I need help on deciding what to upgrade to for my computer?

Answer This is a very broad question. What is your current set up? do you already have 2 gpus that you want to put in a new motherboard? why do you need to upgrade your motherboard and power supply? are y... Read More »

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How can I upgrade to iOS 5 if I do not have a computer?

You can't, but you must of had to have a computer in order to have any apple device. It is not yet possible to start a device with out a computer as of now.

I want to upgrade my old computer! Help?

Upgrading your computer may improve performance significally, but you need to understand this: if a part in your computer is slower than the others, it will slow down all of the system.Upgrading yo... Read More »

What would you upgrade on this computer?

It depends a lot on what you want to use it for.In terms of gaming, the video card is the bottleneck in that system.Otherwise it is fairly well balanced. If you want to get some more longevity out ... Read More »

How to Upgrade a Computer to 4 GB of RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which is the main on-board memory used by your computer. Upgrading your computer to 4 GB of RAM will enable you to do more multitasking before the computer slow... Read More »