I need help on Twitter name ideas?

Answer Kaseball? Lol What about incompl .. That's my username on ebay [=Sprinkledink?

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Need help with babby name. After 12 (first and middle!) I've run out of ideas?

I like Percival for a boy, like previously suggested. But I find the name Sue is vastly underused for boys. Johnny Cash's song was so true, a name like that builds character.Have you thought of a... Read More »

Clever Twitter name ideas?

most people take a common phrase or word that sounds like their first or last name and make a pun out of it. for example some people with the last names Flanigan and Spence and Solomon made their n... Read More »

Twitter account icon name ideas?

Well, you can change your twitter acc numerous times so if you don't think of something right away you can always Change it.

I need help with Twitter?

You cannot stop someone from finding you by your twitter name. You can only stop people finding you via your email. You can however change your @name to anything you like (like a nickname)and that ... Read More »