I need help, moms vodka bottle broke PLEASE JUST READ?

Answer use super glue... no it won't be toxic, same thing happened to me when i was 15 but i broke it while trying to get it off some damn seal...... trust me it'll work, worked for me, best of luck and h... Read More »

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I may have broke my moms iPad?

it was totally not on purpose so be honest with ur mom and Also MAKE SURE you tell her how easy the apple ipods, iphone, and ipads crack because most phones have kinda have like a glass that you ha... Read More »

Does an open bottle of vodka go bad?

An open bottle of vodka will not go bad. The distillation process keeps vodka fresh indefinitely. Exposure to bright, direct light may alter the consistency and taste, so vodka should be kept in a ... Read More »

WHY did I buy another bottle of VODKA today?

What can I use as a cap for a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka?

Yep.Plastic wrap and a rubber band will do it.If you can't find the cap most housewares stores sell bottle stoppers for a buck or two.Also.Take the bottle off the window sill.You should take it off... Read More »