I need help, moms vodka bottle broke PLEASE JUST READ?

Answer use super glue... no it won't be toxic, same thing happened to me when i was 15 but i broke it while trying to get it off some damn seal...... trust me it'll work, worked for me, best of luck and h... Read More »

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Help! My water just broke but I need to finish watching this hilarious movie on youtube?

Need to shadow someone for a day in Boulder Colorado and I really need help. PLEASE READ!?

You need to use common sense. Auto mechanic is a little dangerous. They do not want people in the work area, because of insurance regulations. Any job like that, where there is equipment involve... Read More »

Don't laugh.. just help please!! opened the beer bottle with my teeth and now my right jaw hurts?

lol, i used to do that until one day i ended up chipping my tooth and then i never did it again. No one notices that i chipped my tooth but i do. Anyways if it still hurts really bad you should go ... Read More »

Need help women please read?

I think that your fiance should measure herself and make sure of her bra size. What is a medium D I have never heard this term before. Wearing the right size for her could make a large difference i... Read More »