I need help men only !?

Answer doesn`t matter what it is go to the doctor, crown jewels are the most important national resorce, besides you didn`t give much info, is it the frank or the beans? or that bit of meat between your b... Read More »

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I need a job but only 14 can you help?

Need help girls only?

when I was 13, I tried to use tampons and I could not insert them. I was a virgin and they hurt to bad and I gave up after hours of trying, so I do not suggest that.Ask your mom to go tot he store ... Read More »


Well, I don't think there's anyway to make your "boobs" grow any faster. Breasts are mostly fat and so if you're really skinny or just fairly small then you probably won't have very big breasts, al... Read More »

I need help...ladies only please?

Periods are not regular until you reach age 18 or so. If the cramps are bad, go see a gynocologist. It may be uncomfortable, but if something is wrong you need to know as soon as possible. Good luck.