I need help making my computer run faster. What should I do?

Answer there are these:first, remove all unwanted softwares and allsoftwares that you barely even use. th lesser space there is in ur drive, the slower it runs.go to start> control panel> add re... Read More »

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Tips on making my computer run Faster?, get Spybot and Adaware 2008, install both and update them then run the scans. Delete your temp files and any unneeded programs.Good luck!

Will using faster ddr2 make my computer faster?

Yes, using faster DDR2 RAM will make your computer faster. But, according to the results of a RAM speed test done at the Tom's Hardware website, using mainstream DDR2 RAM, such as DDR2-800 or 1066 ... Read More »

Making cuts heal faster?

first spray some antibacterial stuff, and then put some neosporin. the neosporin helps it heal and the antibacterial just makes sure it wont get infected or anything

Making Your Hair Grow Faster?

Hair grows at an average of half an inch per month, said Cathy Howse, a hair care expert. While some people's hair grows much faster than that, others experience very slow hair growth. This can mak... Read More »