I need help from somebody that knows the small city of switzerland "Stein am Rhein"?

Answer Let's try to narrow this down: In Stein am Rhein, there is "Migros" super market, it's at "Grossi Schanze" # 10, but I don't know of any café close by. Now, what to do? I suggest sending the touri... Read More »

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What is the best city to visit in Switzerland?

And how long is a piece of string...?There are no cities in the Swiss alps, just villages (a Swiss town needs to have 10'000 inhabitants to be called a town). In the alps, you'll find mainly touris... Read More »

Which city is the best for shopping in Switzerland?

Zurich and Geneva are both equally good.BTW Switzerland does NOT use the Euro we have our own currency the Schweizer Franken or Swiss franc ( CHF )!

Why is Switzerland's flag considerably small than the rest?

It is not smaller than the other, but it is only one of two flags which are square and not rectangular(the other one is the Vatican)The red field with a centered white cross was adapted from the fl... Read More »

Which city is near to Switzerland, London, Paris and Frankfurt?

Out of the 3 Frankfurt is closest followed by Paris and London.