I need help deleting a trojan.?

Answer Just follow these steps and you should be able to get rid of it:STEP 1: SCAN COMPUTER FOR INFECTIONS1. The most important thing you can do is make sure you know what you’re up against. Run these... Read More »

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I need help on deleting a pic on insta!?

Go to the pic edit option there you will find a delete button.

I need help deleting stuff from my computer permanently?

1. right click on IE icon, and choose "internet property"2. go to the delete button, click on it.3. make sure you check all the checking boxes, then click on "delete"this will delete all your brows... Read More »

Need Ugrent Trojan Help!?

Install Avast Anti Virus free program. Following installation, restart the computer. Then read the readme.txt and familiarise yourself with the program operation. Run a complete scan and any trojan... Read More »

I have Trojan and other malware, I need help.?

give this a shot, should clean it up…