I need help dealing with itunes and lime Wire?

Answer Drag and drop songs from limewire library straight to itunes library. or to do more than one song(faster way to do multiple songs) click and hold a song in the library and highlight by dragging dow... Read More »

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I need help dealing with the pain of new Braces.?

Try drinking hot soups or other hot liquids this can help ease the pain and swelling. Also stay away from hard crunchy foods this will only make the pain worse. A heating pad sometimes helps me.

OK, I just got 7 stitches on my chin. I need some tips to dealing with these. Can you help?

Ouch! Don't get them real wet. I just had stitches in my neck and I would remove the band aid, clean the area with alcohol, put some triple antibiotic salve on them & replace the band aid. Those w... Read More »

Lime wire help =]] plz?

You're going to jail; limewire is being monitored since 1.5 years ago.

I need some help with my itunes?

The error message is probably "This iPod cannot be used because the Apple Mobile Device service is not started." Apple Mobile Device is a Windows service that needs to be running. The word mobile, ... Read More »