I need help cleaning my Camelbak?

Answer Rinse with water and no longer fill it with beer.

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How to Clean a Camelbak Water Hose?

After prolonged use of your Camelbak hydration system, you may notice some black material in the seams of the bladder and the tubing. This means it's time to give your Camelbak a thorough cleaning.... Read More »

Eddy camelbak water bottle?

Try soaking them in a very diluted bleach and water solution for about ten minutes. I would recommend a 1:32 solution as described in the source below.

How I can find contractors who need people for cleaning houses what they build I have cleaning company thanks?

I would suggest that you contact the home builders. They have contact information for the contractors they use, and this would steer you in the right direction. Custom builders would be a good pl... Read More »

Is it possible your doctor perforated your daughters eardrum cleaning wax out There was blood noted during the cleaning?

Bleeding need not necessarily be due to perforation of eardrum. If the wax is hard some bleeding can be expected due to abrasion of the lining of the ear canal.