I need help badly!!!!!!!?

Answer If this is real, call animal control,if it's not, man you are weird.

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TH family!!!!Need help very badly!!?

Haa I hate when teachers do stuff like that..khay well they're appropriate because:-They're Germany's most successful band right now (and probably ever)-They're from a different culture and can hel... Read More »

I need a cigarette badly :(?

I need to gain weight badly?

the reason why mass gainer is able to justify such a high amount of calories is due to the fact that it is high in sugar and that is the bulk of the calories you get. I would suggest you look into ... Read More »


use a screen recording program - - this is a free, easy to use one, and just select the part of the screen you want to record! just play it in windows media player or... Read More »