I need help advice anything please . I was circumsized 5 weeks ago?

Answer Sex will definitely feel better for you however your inability to ejaculate has nothing to do with your sperm content. If you can get hard, you can ejaculate and in some cases getting hard isn't ev... Read More »

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My Dad died several weeks ago. I need advice?

Registered Nurse Here; Well hun, wish I had a magic wand to wave over you, and rid you of all the pain, and gut wrenching emotions, you surely must be feeling. A Wise Man,"My Father", once told me... Read More »

I have my car practical test in 6 weeks any advice?

Safe driving tips to help pass your road test:STEERING Steer smoothly whether you are driving straight ahead, turning or backing up.ACCELERATION Accelerate smoothly and moderately. Don't race the e... Read More »

I just placed my baby boy for adoption 6 weeks ago... I need some advice please...?

Whether you have a chance or not depends on the state in which you surrendered. I don't want to be a wet blanket, and I know your pain, but being very honest, your chances are slim. In many states,... Read More »

I'm 14 and will be having a boy/girl party in 3 weeks. ADVICE?

Okay so you're 14, you most definetly do not need a DJ. House parties dont even have DJ's unless it's a really crowded party. Did I mention that also cost money? And that As you get older, at a par... Read More »