I need help about asking to wear makeup?

Answer Id say it really depends on your age. My parents didn't let me wear makeup until i was in eighth grade. I'd say as long as you are in sixth or seventh grade you're fine. Has your mom ever said anyt... Read More »

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How can i be a makeup artist how many hours of training will i need to learn everything about makeup?

You don't have to go to school to be a makeup artist. There are many people who are successful makeup artist that are just self taught.

Do I need to wear makeup?

'need' is maybe the wrong word... if you want to then do so but dont feel youre pressured, cos it sounds like youve got it all covered on the looks front lol

Do I need to wear more makeup?

That is definitely a compliment they are giving you. More make-up is not good. I hate it when women wear too much make-up and I'm so glad that my wife doesn't wear the stuff.A little is okay, but... Read More »

Do guys like girls who wear makeup more than if they were to wear no makeup?

no i like girls that are all natural cause if you need make-up to look pretty your not for me...sorry if that's shallow but i am a little the answer for me is i like girls with NO make... Read More »