I need help about.... Certain things.......?

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I need help wih a certain issues about anus infection?

Don't you dare listen to Nelson, and I agree with Neelofur and the other guy/lady. Nobody here will be able to give you exact advice, only general ideas. Especially for these things, go to a doctor.

How to Stop Thinking About Certain Things?

You might have your mind on a certain someone/something a lot. And there are times when you don't always want to. Well, you're in luck... this article is here to help!

Do i need to enable certain things on my laptop to be able to download music?

Hi,No you don't need anything special to download music.Just use a google search to find the music that you like.You can also use youtube and download the music vids.Arnak

I would like to buy a camcorder with certain do I go about finding one with everything I want?

Here's a helpful buying guide:…when you've decided on the features that you want in a camcorder, here's a good website for camcorder reviews: Read More »