I need help. Is it better to get film 35mm, or digital slr?

Answer Go digital. The point and shoot technology makes photography simple for those that do not have a lot of experience. You don't pay for film or development of your pictures, unless you want prints ... Read More »

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Why do people still use 35mm film when digital makes so much more sense?

Just to add to the very long list and to repeat important points...35mm forces you to READ BOOKS in order to be able to PREDICT results instead of waiting and learning through trial and error, whil... Read More »

Is there any possibility to convert my old SLR Minolta 35mm film camera into a digital camera?

No there isn't although it isn't a new idea. The Kodak DCS420 used a digital back on a modified Nikon N90s in 1994.In 2003 Imacon partnered with Kodak and Leica to produce a digital back for use wi... Read More »

Will your Canon T70 35mm film camera lenses fit on any of the digital Canon SLR cameras?

I don't think they will fit any. The lens mount was changed right after the Canon T70. Someone told me they will fit a Nikon so I'm trying to find that out. (They don't fit Nikon cameras.)Canon T70... Read More »

Which part of 35mm film measures 35mm?

With respect to "still" photography (i.e. not movies) the answer is no part.I derives the moniker from the fact that roll film first used in what we know of as the 35mm format was intended for movi... Read More »