I need help, I`m a person who eats when they are bored.?

Answer Well recognizing that you're eating because you're bored is a huge step. You may also be eating because you're anxious, sleepy (trust me. people do subconsciously eat to stay awake), or dehydrated.... Read More »

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What do you call a person who is a vegetarian but eats pork?

What is the body lacking if a person eats toilet paper?

If a person eats fish but not meat are they technically a vegetarian?

Fish is meat and your friend is not a vegetarian. I got into an argument today with someone who said they ate meat sometimes but they are still a vegan. I think people just like to hear themselves ... Read More »

If a person eats some salt for the heck it, is it ones body needing/craving it ?

Do you just plain salt, like from the grinder? Well, if that's what your talking about I know how you feel!!! I love to eat just a pinch of slat plain for some're not alone.