I need help, I`m a person who eats when they are bored.?

Answer Well recognizing that you're eating because you're bored is a huge step. You may also be eating because you're anxious, sleepy (trust me. people do subconsciously eat to stay awake), or dehydrated.... Read More »

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If a person eats fish but not meat are they technically a vegetarian?

Fish is meat and your friend is not a vegetarian. I got into an argument today with someone who said they ate meat sometimes but they are still a vegan. I think people just like to hear themselves ... Read More »

I need to find some really fun websites for my sister and I we are bored and they need to be G rated please?

I've heard if a person eats 180 hot dogs, 42 twinkies and 4 cases of diet soda they won't have to be embalmed?

Note to self feeding Zombie army is going to be expensive.

How does someone that is addicted to marijuana get help How do they help that person what do they do?

There is no medical protocol for withdrawal from marijuana. They might be offered support medications, to address the symptoms; insomnia, agitation, or gastrointestinal issues, but it differs from ... Read More »