I need help :( I keep torturing myself and I really need your opinions :(?

Answer Okay! What's the problem? If you know you're not pregnant and you checked, twice.. You go enough proof! Its normal to get heavy red periods with stomach cramps every once in a while! Its probably l... Read More »

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Mosquitoes are torturing me help"?

try downloading a mosquitoe repellent app they're supposed to help

Game Of Thrones: Who are the people torturing Theon Greyjoy and who do they serve?

They are the Boltons, they are servants of Robb Stark. They are known throughout Westeros for being cruel and their banner is a guy with his skin flayed off because that's what they like to do to p... Read More »

HD DVD and Blu-Ray Opinions?

Hehe, oh silly people. HD DVD is the superior format. There is no picture difference whatsoever to those whom answered that there is. This is evidenced by the fact that dual producing studios us... Read More »

Opinions PLEASE!?

I agree with fertilityfriend...your temps are consecutively going up which is good where as before they rose and fell. the software needs to see at least 3 consecutive rises before it will determi... Read More »