I need hardware help!!?

Answer Sata and ata are totally different One is 40 pin flat cable with 4pin power other is a flat connector and power cable. to connect both you need a cable converter. If your board "does" have ATA and... Read More »

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Need help and advice on screen resolutions and hardware. thanks.?

Hi,Unfortunately adding a monitor will not solve the problem as the max resolution is set in your notebooks video card and that cannot be changed.Arnak

What hardware do I need?

You will need a new motherboard first off. If you want to stay with intel you can get a decent price motherboard with an 1155 intel socket at You can put any sandy bridge or ivy bridg... Read More »

Do I need special paint on kitchen hardware?

Enamel paint is best suited for kitchen hardware, but you must apply a special type of primer before you paint. Kitchen hardware should be coated with a galvanized metal etching primer before any p... Read More »

What hardware do you need to use the digital camera?

The lens of a camera is truly the eye to the world in photography. It is the viewer through which the camera sees the shot you want to take. The lens is an essential element needed to take good pho... Read More »