I need eyeliner help?

Answer Never put it on the bottom of your eyes on the first day of school. It will look kind of...........scandalous. Unless you are going to enter 8th grade. If you are going to enter 7th grade, well do... Read More »

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Help liquid eyeliner?

My left eye is actually easier for me and I'm right handed. Haha, mayb it just the way I do it. I don't know how to explain this really but I use the index finger on my left hand and put it in the ... Read More »

Mascara and eyeliner... help?

OK, here goes: you shouldn't be putting mascara on your bottom lashes, that is what eyeliner is for. Use your finger to pull back the outer corner of your eye while your eye is shut, (on the hand t... Read More »

Eyeliner color HELP!?

almay says black eyeliner. check out site below

Do you NEED to have on eyeliner with mascara?

No you don't need both. However, makeup artists usually use both. Probably more important than the eyeliner is the right eyeshadow. Look in the first link in the reference section below for a fe... Read More »