I need examples about integrating math with other subjects for pre school?

Answer Use a item in the book for example if it's about cars sort the different types of transportation or by colors of cars, match colors of cars or with them same colors, label them biggest to smallest... Read More »

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Tools for Integrating Technology in a Math Classroom?

There is a great impetus for schools to keep up with current technology in the classrooms. The government provides grants to schools to allow them to buy laptops and interactive chalkboards for cla... Read More »

Activities for Preschool in Math Subjects?

Preschool age children learn best through hands-on discovery learning. Hands-on classroom activities allow students to completely explore and manipulate objects so they can make sense of novel conc... Read More »

Examples of Inverse Relationships in Math?

Inverse relationships are the mathematical equivalent of a see-saw. In an inverse relationship, when one number goes up, the other goes down. Or, one number is multiplied, while the other is divide... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Subjects at School?

Choosing subjects well is very important to your success at school, if you make poor decisions your time at school may be very unpleasant and you won't do as well as you should. Parents should be i... Read More »