I need energy something to keep me up till 11?

Answer Occupy yourself, my best way for ME personally is video games, the only problem with that one is that it hurts your eyes so I don't recommend it,you could try other things like drawing, reading or ... Read More »

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How to Keep Awake Till Dawn?

Are you an energetic person? Or, maybe you're a type of person who just can't wait for the exciting things that might be happening the next day. Or your just want to try and stay awake until mornin... Read More »

Is there something you can take to keep mosquitos away A vitamin or something?

If you take B vitamins or garlic that will keep them away.

I have got a holly tree that is full of berrys any way i can keep them till xmas?

I leave mine on the tree and then about 3 weeks before Christmas I cut them and bring them inside for decorating. They usually last for a long time even inside. If the leaves begin to wilt I cut m... Read More »

You are 36 weeks pregnant and 2 cm dilated and in a lot of pain. Will it be long till you need to go to hospital?

AnswerIf you are in alot of pain, you should go to the hospital right now. Good luck and God Bless:)