I need encouragement?

Answer thats so awesome! Keep up the good work girl! you should be proud you made the change to do better for your body!! yay!!!!!! and you did it all naturally no pills or that silly stuff! You should be... Read More »

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Need some words of encouragement from single moms of more then one ?

I know it's your friend's decision; but maybe you can advice (convince) her NOT TO ABORT! (she can even put the baby up for adoption)...i'm sorry to put it bluntly but that's killing (here's a link... Read More »

How to Give Encouragement?

Many of the greatest achievements begin with the empowering words of encouragement. When someone is feeling insecure, unsure, or apprehensive about taking constructive action or pursuing favorable ... Read More »

Words of Encouragement!!?

Thanx that s very nice of you to take the time to give us some encouragement.

Encouragement Games?

For people who are easily discouraged, it can sometimes feel like they cannot do anything right. Use encouragement games to teach people how to encourage themselves and others to persevere and do t... Read More »