I need dental work, what are my options?

Answer Hiya, I very sorry to hear about this, I feel really bad for you. I've heard somewhere that you can find a medical or dentistry school where they will do surgery for free as they need a volunteer t... Read More »

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What are dental options for the uninsured?

I really have a problem with the way our government is handling the medical problems of it's citizens. I don't have dental coverage either, and believe me after having to shell out seven hundred d... Read More »

Dental School Options?

With a degree in the field of dentistry, there are myriad options you can pursue. In addition to earning a doctor of dental medicine (DDS) or doctor of dental surgery (DDS) degree, students can als... Read More »

What is the advanage of having any dental work done at at dental medical school vs going to a dentist?

Much cheaper especially if you have no dental insurance. University of Maryland had a wonderful dental school and my cousin had extensive work done there that she wouldn't have been able to afford... Read More »

Dental Care Financing Options?

Some dental procedures can cost as much as $10,000 or more. Your smile is important, but it can be difficult to finance, especially when you don't have the benefit of a dental insurance plan. There... Read More »