I need dental work, what are my options?

Answer Hiya, I very sorry to hear about this, I feel really bad for you. I've heard somewhere that you can find a medical or dentistry school where they will do surgery for free as they need a volunteer t... Read More »

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My son needs dental work but he says he doesnt need it...?

The main question is who do you believe, the experienced dentist or your liar, thieving, truant, teenager son. Lets break it down...Your dentist has found his teeth to have decay needing urgent tre... Read More »

Do I need a school degree to work as a dental assistant?

You're lucky. And depending on what you're doing without the proper degree (it's a college course), your dental office could be sued severely if you screw something up because you don't have the pr... Read More »

What are dental options for the uninsured?

I really have a problem with the way our government is handling the medical problems of it's citizens. I don't have dental coverage either, and believe me after having to shell out seven hundred d... Read More »

What is the advanage of having any dental work done at at dental medical school vs going to a dentist?

Much cheaper especially if you have no dental insurance. University of Maryland had a wonderful dental school and my cousin had extensive work done there that she wouldn't have been able to afford... Read More »