I need cookware that's not going to give us cancer.?

Answer Here is a website with cookware that is supposed to be clean. I have not tried this brand myself.…Here is a website for a pan that I have used:https://www.... Read More »

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I am going to give 1 dollar to the cancer kid at my work for every star I get!?

thats another dollar you are short now well done

Whats this virus/worm thats going to happen on april 1st?

The worm you are talking about is the HIGHLY DANGEROUS, evolved version of the Conficker worm, called 'Conficker C' which was recently given the nickname "April Fool's Worm".What it does is that it... Read More »

I`m going to be getting my tounge pierced in february but im 14 do you think thats slutty?

What is a good music downloader thats free and doesnt give you viruses?